Where can you recycle old cell phone chargers and similar types of electrical cords.



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    It varies by state.  Some states have recycling centers specifically for electronics, others offer recycling services through their fire departments.  The EPA’s website says that you can take old phones, chargers, pda’s, etc to Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Staples, Best Buy, and many more to be recycled.  I would call the specific store before doing so, just to confirm.  

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    As mcoffey mentioned, you can often take your old electronics back to the store where you purchased them and they will be recycled. The EPA website she cited also mentions mail-in programs. I have used a mail-in program to return and old Samsung phone when I got a new one. They mailed the new phone to me and provided me with a pre-addressed, pre-paid postage bag in which to seal the old phone and send it back to them. It was very convenient.

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