where can you recycle denim fabric

I have seen spots on TV about recycled fabric, but don’t know where you can take it to get it recycled.



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    It might be harder to recycle it depending on your location. You could send your denim to Allan Company, which has been a leader in recycling since 1963. Their headquarters are located at 14620 Joanbridge St. Baldwin Park, CA, 91706, if you want to ship it there. Or, you can click on the last link provided to learn more.

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    You could also try to search for denim, textiles or fabric on the earth911.org website.  This is a pretty good database for finding different types of recycling centers in your area.  Also, if the denim is still good, you could donate it to a thrift store.

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    This is an excellent resource to help you recycle denim. Some of these are creative and methods I didn’t even think of!

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