Where can you find recycled wood?



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    There are several online sources for recycled wood, most of them offer recycled wood flooring or recovered barn wood.  If you live near an urban area, craigslist.org is the first place to search.  If you cannot find what you need there, check some of the following links.  




    and for reclaimed wood from around the world:




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    If you have your own carpentry equipment (a skill saw and a planer will make working with reclaimed wood much easier), you can often get reclaimed wood for free (or not very much money) from old lumber mills, dilapidated barns, or any demolition project.  Since wood from these sources is often just going to get chucked anyway, all you have to do is ask for it, and the owners will likely be happy to see it go to good use.  Of course, you’ll likely have a lot more work to do than if you bought new wood (since reclaimed wood may be stained, rotted, cracked and warped), but in many cases reclaimed wood is actually of higher quality than new wood, and adds character to your projects.

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