Where can we make the biggest changes in our every day lives to make a difference for the environment?



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    I would suggest you can start with one’s consumption patterns. Try to reduce one’s waste by recycling/reusing and just using less. For example, shop at used goods stores instead of buying new. Or consolidate one’s errands instead of driving around town on multiple trips. Even little things can add up.

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    Also saving energy, even a little bit at a time, can help. Turn off appliances when not in use, turn the heat low when you’re not at home. Try not to contribute to unnecessary waste.

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    I would say the biggest impact you can make immediately is to stop eating meat, or failing that, simply eating less meat.  It is wholly unsustainable, and uses up far greater energy than it offers.  The meat industry uses up land, food, water, and ultimately does little in return. 

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