Where can Sea Dragons be found?



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    Sea Dragons can be found in the temperate coastal waters of Austrailia. They are hard to find because they have the ability to cleverly camouflage themselves to look like a leafy sea plant. There are weedy Sea Dragons too that live in the deep offshore reefs of New South Wales. They can usually be located in waters that are deeper than 33ft. (Ehow, 2011).

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    In the sea of course! Just kidding. Sea Dragons can be found in the waters off south and east Australia. There are two types, Leafy, and Weedy Sea Dragons. Between Rottnest island in the west to Kangaroo Island in the east whilst the Weedy (common) sea dragon is found in the same area and also further east to waters off N.S.W. They love the kelp covered reefs and tidal inshore areas of seagrass  Leafies are brown and yellow and Weedies are red with yellow spots. Close relatives to the seahorse and pipefish.

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