Where can I sell plastic in Ohio?



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    I believe you mean where do I recycle and therefore sell the plastic bottles in ohio? Correct, me if I am wrong. 

    To recycle you can take your plastic bottles to any grocery store in Ohio. They should have a machine that you can dispose of your bottles. If not, take the bottles to customer service and they should process them there. It is a very easy and simple process!

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    Depending on the resin code you may be able to put in in your curbside recycling (if you have that in your house or apartment).  Otherwise you could search the particular plastic you want to recycle (by resin code) on earth911.com.  Just eneter plastic and your zip code in the two search fields and it will return the nearest locations. Some of these locations may just accept recycling while others may pay for the items, you will have to check with the individual locations to determine that.

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