Where can I see the new environmental film The Age of Stupid?



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    Currently there are two screenings in the US, one in Palo Alto, CA and another in Menomonie, WI. However, anyone in the world is now able to buy a licence to screen The Age of Stupid whenever and wherever they like. The following website gives you information about how to set up your own local screening.

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    If you live in California, you can see The Age of Stupid on October 24th at 9:15PM, at Annenberg Auditorium, Stanford University in Palo Alto. There is a full list of screening locations and dates on the film’s website.

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    Since the film came out in 2009, you could go to any video store and see if they have the film in stock.  You can also visit Netflix to see if you can get it through them, although you may have to become a member, but I’m currently a member of Netflix and I absolutely love it, so it might be a good investment and it really doesn’t cost that much money.

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