Where can I recycle styrofoam?



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    Styrofoam is difficult to recycle; most general recycling centers will not take styrofoam.  Earth911.org has a search function that will tell you companies and recycling centers near your location that can take styrofoam.  Many craft centers will also take your extra styrofoam to be recycled in new craft projects.  There are many ways you can reuse styrofoam in your own home – try using it as packing material or as insulating lining in coolers.

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    First of all, yes you can recycle Styrofoam.  There are several ways to keep that polystyrene out of the waste system. Try Earth911.org, enter your location, but enter the proper name “polystyrene” not “Styrofoam” and you will see a list of local companies and organizations that are happy to take it.  Also the Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers has a mailback program.  You may have to pay postage, but it’s a small price to pay when considering the cost to the environment. 

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