Where can I recycle plastic/metal bottle lids? Have them stored in a plastic honey bottle now.



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    Many recycling programs in the US still don’t accept plastic lids due to the fact that they are not made of the same plastic as their containers. Plastic and metal lids can also jam the processing machines. I would check with your cities recycling program and find out what to do with them. Hope this helps!http://environment.about.com/od/recycling/a/plastic_lids.htm   

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      I had already checked with the recycling facility in my city. They are the ones that suggested I go online to try to located a recycler for these items. Your answer is not helpful, I still need a place to recycle these items.

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    Bottle caps are great for all sorts of crafts and projects. Craftster has an entire page of bottle cap projects with jewelry, magnets and nifty decorations.

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