Where can I recycle old video tapes?



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    The short answer is that old video tapes are not particularly recyclable.  You do, however, have options:

    -Check out http://www.freecycle.org or http://www.greendisk.com — services that may be able to take those old tapes off your hands.

    -Pass them on to a friend, charity shop or library.

    -Some people have suggested that you can actually take the black plastic of the casing apart by removing the screws, but you will have to check and make sure the plastic is, itself, recyclable.  You may be able to find a crafty friend to take the tape off your hands.   If you are considering using the tapes in a craft project, I highly recommend doing a little additional research about the toxicity levels of the tape.

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    You can:

    • Check  if local thrift stores will take them
    • Green disk will recycle old WHS tapes
    • Use the tape to make things. For example a bag can be made out of old VHS tape.

    Check out the link for more information. 

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    You can use earth911.com to locate a local recycling center that will accept your video tapes.  Using the link below, type in “video tapes” along with your zip code, and you will be given a list of nearby recycling places that will accept video tapes.

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