Where can I recycle my cellphone?



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    There are quite a few options. You can look up a recycling center that recycles cell phones on Earth911.com. Various stores will also take your old cell phone, such as Best Buy or Staples. Go to the link below to learn more about cell phone recycling.

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    I would look at the EPA’s website and they have a directory of recycling center listed by are/region etc.  Like yzezzy said, Earth911.com is also a great resource.  It’s great that you want to recycle your cellphone because electronics are especially harmful in landfills.  You can also consider giving your phone away if it is still in working condition.  Someone mind get a lot of good use out of it.  

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    Check to see if your local zoo is a collection site. A company called ECO-CELL works with over 130 zoos nationwide to help raise money for their conservation programs.

    Also, if you are setting up a collection program of your own, I would recommend you do your homework on the web.  The EPA is a great resource of course, but they are relying on larger more corporate programming. There are a lot of smaller cell phone companies like ECO-CELL that have more focused missions. You can collect for your own cause or you can collect for and donate to one of their many charitable partners.

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