Where can I purchase Dung Beetles?

I live on a horse farm and enjoy the benefits of dung beetles in my pastures. I wish I had a more robust community of them (I fear that chemicals from neighboring crop farms might be discouraging them). I understand that it’s easy to raise dung beetles, and I’d like to start doing dung beetle husbandry (I have plenty of food for them) so that I can share them with other horse farmers and cattle farmers in my community who would like to benefit from their amazing pasture management and parasite/fly reduction skills too. Anyone know where I can purchase some beetles to get started?



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    Try looking at a commercial agricultural supply store or insectary. There are more than 4,000 different species of dung beetle, make sure that you get the one that’s right for you. Dung beetles can be used as a way of disposing of manure in a more environmental way, as well as a way to aerate the soil. They also get rid of flies.

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      Hi davidlev,
      I was looking for a specific recommendation of where to purchase, preferably on the east coast, since that’s where I live. I’ve been searching for 2 years without success.
      I live in a rural area and have scoped out all the local agricultural supply stores for dung beetles – no luck. I’ve been searching online, and one insectary I found asked me if I’d like to sell them some to distribute because they didn’t have any. I have several different varieties here, and I know that I need to look for species that will find my midAtlantic environment suitable. Still searching…

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      Yeah, sorry I couldn’t help you out with that. The response below mine seems more helpful. You’d think there’d be someplace online which would sell dungbeetles, but I didn’t see anything

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    It sounds like you already know quite a bit about the benefits of dung beetles and how to farm them, but this site has a lot of good info on the subject as well as several listings of dung beetle distributors.

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