Where can I go to try and get a shipping container home? I love the look of them.



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    First step: check your local zoning regulations and make sure that it’s legal to have one in your yard. You can purchase them on eBay. They’re a little pricey, going for around 3,000 dollars. That’s for a standard 40′ trailer, the ones that are 20′ are going for as little as 2,200 dollars. I’ve also included a link to a more in-depth instruction guide on how to obtain one.

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    You could consider building (or repurposing) your own shipping container home as well.  This site is a great resource for someone interested in design and implementation of container homes.  TSI is just one of many companies that will sell both new as well as used shipping containers.  Here’s their website if you’re interested.  I couldn’t find any prices there, but depending on locations and quality, you can use a form available on their website to get a price quote on a container. 

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