Where can I go to see a vertical farm?



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    I don’t think a vertical farm has been built yet, but there are plans and proposals to build them in various cities like New York City, Las Vegas, Dubai, etc.

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    There are no extant vertical farms yet, but you can take a look at several (breathtaking) designs at the link below.

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    Wherever they’re built, we’re going to need them in future years. Our supply of arable land is decreasing, and population size is increasing at an alarming rate. 60% of people now live in cities, and we need some way of easily supplying those people food. Vertical farms may be the solution

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    Inka, a Bay Area based company, builds vertical aquaponic gardens.  These are awesome, I had the SunCurve at my previous job.  They also built a system for growing food on the Plastiki, a boat made entirely of plastic garbage that recently completed a voyage from San Francisco to Australia.

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