Where can I go to buy organic shirts?



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    The Internet has plenty of online vendors that sell organic shirts. It’s easy to use Google to find a brand of organic shirt that suits your fancy. I’ve cited two sample organic shirt vendors below.

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    I found quite a few websites that sell organic shirts and other apparel. 

    Here are just a few:





    Happy shopping 

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    TSDesigns makes fabulous organic t-shirts.  What’s cool about their site is that they rate the greenness of the shirt, giving it a green grade depending on the ingredients used and the process the shirt went through to be made.  They’re based out of North Carolina so they also try to use a lot of their local vendors and supplies (those shirts get higher green grades for being produced locally).  They also have made out of recycled water bottles (and organic cotton).  Very cool.  Check ’em out here: http://tsdesigns.com/products/shirt-styles/

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