Where can I get seeds or trees to plant inexpensively?



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    If you are looking for cheap flower seeds CheepSeeds.com is the place to go. At CheepSeeds.com you can get 500 Zinnia California giant mix for only $3.50 or 2,700 Shasta daisy seeds for only $3.50. All of the items on the site have free shipping, making the cost of the seeds even lower then going to the store to buy a small pack. Trees are more pricey then flowers (they are a bigger item) but on NaturalHills.com you can get two Adirondack Crabapple trees for between $26 and $30 or two Amur Chokecherry trees for $30 to $45. NaturalHills.com also run sales on their site offering 25% off of trees, 10% off of fruit trees and even free shipping on live plant orders over $150. NaturalHills.com also sells a selection of annuals, Perennials and flower bulbs, but they do cost more then CheepSeeds.com.

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    You can also try a local nursery–many have good deals and information about the best trees and plants for your area.

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