Where can I get salvaged wood for building?



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    You may often find salvaged wood on craigslist.org for free or a nominal fee.  Recycling yards are also great sources for this.  There are also a lot of, “ReUse” construction supply warehouses all across the country that sell building material at a reduced cost.  If you happen to live in Colorado you may want to check out the, “ReSource Yards” in Boulder.

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    It is quite simple to find reclaimed or salvaged wood. You can find shops and national dealers, such as Elmwood Reclaimed Timber, that sell salvaged wood. All you have to do is look up “reclaimed wood,” “reclaimed lumber,” or “reclaimed timber” in the yellow pages or on the internet. 

    However, be careful not to buy from sellers who are trying to make a profit by selling salvaged wood for prices higher than normal. 

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    You may also want to check your local flee market.  The one near my house always has a vendor who has salvaged wood, any many other things as well. 

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    Duluth Timber is a building company that only uses reclaimed wood. All of their wood is certified as 100% recycled and they will even tell you specifically where they get (some of) it from. I don’t know about prices, and what would be considered a rip-off, so if you are seriously considering buying reclaimed wood you would need to shop around, but this company seems responsible and you might have a better chance of getting quality material from a company like this.

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