Where can I get organic shampoo?



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    Dr. Bronners has an all natural shampoo that can actually be used for a number of things, including soap, toothpaste, laundry soap, etc. It is made entirely from natural ingredients. Their website is included below. Some times you can find their product at outdoors stores. You can order from their website.

    For a biodegradable shampoo found everywhere, check Sauve brand.

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    Kiss My Face is a great brand. You can purchase it online at vitacost.com or at health stores, such as Whole Foods. Other brands include: Avalon Organics, Dr. Alkaitis and Weleda. 

    See a list here: http://www.saffronrouge.com/hair/shampoos

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    Intelligent Nutrients is a great brand that uses only USDA (US Department of Agriculture – the only way you can know for sure if something is completely organic) products. Check out their great website! 🙂

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    Trader Joe’s has organic shampoos and conditioners along with many other organic products. Here is a link to some reviews of their shampoo. 🙂

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    A shampoo I really like is JustNatural shampoo. JustNatural is a completely organic company. They offer shampoo for all types of hair. Most of their shampoos do not containt chemicals, alcohol, harsh detergents, and are made in the USA. A really good aspect of this product is that they vegan and do nto test on animals. When you use organic shampoo, it is a great option for the health of your hair instead of sujecting it to so maay chemicals.

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