Where can I get organic lubricants?



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    Online stores provide great varities of organic lubricants such as Amazon which has a few listed with ratings.  Naturismo is a good online natural beauty store and carries a few lines of organic lubricatnts as well – Yes seems to be a favorite.  Online stores give the best variety, it being a rather specialty product.

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    I think there is only one certified organic lubricant – Yes, see their site below, it is an amusing URL. All the others I have looked at only contain some organic ingredients.  Which means they can still use concerning chemicals like glycerin and still call it “organic’.  With anything Organic, it is really important to check that the product is certifeid organic, or you can be buying the same old chemicals with a tiny bit of organic plant extract so they can say Organic on the label, I think green washing like this sucks as it is really missleading.

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