Where can I get organic air fresheners?



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    Here’s a website on natural ways to freshen air and a link to a compnay that sells organic air fresheners. I’d also reccommend burning organic candles or incense.

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    One of my favorite air fresheners is one I (kind of) did by myself.  I bought an all organic, all natural essential oil that I absolutely loved.  I bought just a cheap little squirt bottle from Wal-Mart, filled it with water and added about 15 drops of the oil to the water.  Now I just spray it as my air freshener.  It’s a great way to keep your home non-toxic!

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    To extend on jenlkinney’s comment, citrus oils are some of the best essential oils for purifying the air and leaving a delicious scent.  They are antiseptic and antibacterial by nature, so very cleansing. You can do them in the spritz form like she suggested, a great idea, and you can also diffuse it into the air with a heated diffuser.  If you don’t have one, you can get a tiny ceramic diffuser for $5-10.

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    You can get organic air fresheners from your own kitchen cabinet! Try boiling cinnamon and cloves together. Also, pour vanilla extract on a cotton ball and place it on a saucer in the corner. The vanilla will absorb the odors in the room. Another method is to buy a few cartons of baking soda, open them, and place them around the house. They absorb smells without putting out any fragrance.

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