Where can I get natural bark shingles?



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    Naturalbarksiding.com has all kinds of eco-friendly building materials for your home, from siding to shingles. Check it out, they have really cool and innovative products.

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    A recent article, “Turn Heads with Natural Bark Shingles,” recommends Highland Craftsmen, Inc. (http://barkhouse.com/).  Looking online, I also found this website: http://www.naturalbarksiding.com/.  The article makes a good recommendation, though, which is to make sure your bark shingles are from sustainably grown trees.  Since they endorse Highland, I imagine they have good credentials for sustainability.

    If you’re willing to work for it, it seems that there’s the possibility of salvaging wood for shingles from timber operations, as the CS Monitor’s article on the subject suggests.  Sounds like a bit of work, though.

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    Highland Craftsmen Inc has a Cradle to Cradle Gold Certification for their bark shingles.  They are B Corp Certified and recently won a Green Innovation Award fromt he NC Board of Science and Technology and Business of the Year for their contribution to the local economy.  Their shingles are patent pending, and I suppose there is a reason for that.  There are horror stories about people trying to make their own shingles.  Its hard work and if you don’t do it right, they will not last.  HC is the only company that monitors homes that are 80 yeras old with poplar bark shingles.  They are the original poplar bark shingle manufacturer and even wrote a book on the subject, Bark House Style.  http://www.BarkHouse.com

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