Where can I get green cookware?



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    There are many factors that go into whether certain types of cookware are good for the environment or not. One should check to see what the cookware is made of, how it is made and whether or not it has been treated with potentially dengerous chemicals.

    Some materials are preferable to others to minimize environmental impact. Look for recycled glass or metal cookware. Also, try using utensils made from sustainable materials like bamboo.

    Glass and copper cookware can save energy while cooking since they conduct heat well. The stove is on less and you’ll be done cooking faster.

    One place to find green cookware is Wal-Mart. They offer Starfrit cookware that is made from recycled metal and labeled with recycled paper. The pan also saves energy as you cook since it is a good conductor and heats quickly.

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    The greenest and most efficient types of cookware (that will save on energy as you use them) is cast iron or ceramic coated cookware.


    Even copper or strainless steel cookware can emit harmful chemicals into the atmosphere during their production, though they are fairly safe for use after purchases.  An even better alternative, though, is the cast iron as they heat fast and are a safe material that does release iron into the foods you cook but most people benefit from the iron (except those who have a surplus of iron in their system…most people do not).  The best cookware is ceramic coated, though it’s very expensive.


    Ceramic cookware can be found at places like Macys and various other department stores.  The cast iron pots and pans are available at ikea.

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    There are some really good eco-friendly cooking pots these days. Manpans has been making “green” cookware for many years now. Their company even practice green techniques in during their production. For instance, they use hydropower, recycle their waste, and many of their components are biodegradable. The pans themselves are made without toxins and thus will not leak toxins into food.

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