Where can I get eco-friendly jewelry?



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    One of my favorite jewelry sites is Brilliant Earth (http://www.brilliantearth.com/) as they make their jewelry all with recycled metals, and it’s all really gorgeous. There are actually quite a few sites like them, however, some of which are better for day-to-day jewelry, as Brilliant Earth tends towards being super-fancy. The first citation link is actually a list of eco-friendly jewelry stores and sites, so I’m sure there’s something there that will work for you.

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    Try browsing etsy.com. There are many Etsy shops that sell eco-friendly for excellent prices.

    Here are a few couple shops that I know of:




    Etsy also has a lot of sellers who have vintage jewelry. Buying vintage jewelry is a good option for eco-conscious consumers.

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    A great place to find eco-friendly jewelry are secondhand stores. Goodwill and Salvation Army have jewelry that is secondhand, but still pretty. Secondhand stuff is eco-friendly because it does not require more resources to produce. Another great place to look are thrift shops, especially in cities.

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    Definately check out these places:

    1. Esty
    2. Brilliant Earth (offers wedding rings!)
    3. Greenkarat
    4. Greenoro
    5. Earthcreateanddesigns
    6. Ebay’s World of Good 

    I really recommed World of Good. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they only sell items from fair trade organizations.

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