Where can I get eco-friendly body lotion?



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    A body lotion called “C Is Smooth” from “Yes To Carrots”, available at Walgreens, is made from sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkin and melon, and is free of paraben and phthalate.  Carrots are the key ingredient, being rich in antioxidants that are beneficial to the skin.  Another eco friendly skin care product is Chilean Red Clover Body Lotion by Pangea Organics, incorporating grapefruit and geranium extract.

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    There are many different brands out of organic and eco friendly body lotions. One brand is Organic Essence which makes organic lotion and lip balm and even comes in biodegradable packaging. Another option is organic acai lotion made by Mi Voga.

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    There are tons and tons of eco friendly lotions out on the market. Your best bet is to go to a specialty market or a natural foods store (Whole foods, trader joes, etc) and browse their lotions and soaps aisle. Burts Bees, Kiss my Face, and Avalon’a Organics are a few mainstream and readily available brands.

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    Another option, make it yourself.  Your grocery produce section carries many things good for both the inside and outside of your body.  I like making papaya or oatmeal masks, look for what is on sale, or a specific condition you want to improve in your skin and you should be able to find a recipe to make your own.  And the best part is, you can eat the part you don’t use to make the lotion. 


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    All of these suggestions are fantastic.  The best thing you can do, and should always do, is to look at the ingredients.  Even ‘green’ companies can be deceptive, or unknowingly use toxic ingrendients.  Visit your local library or search the internet for a list of ingredients that are green vs. toxic.  There’s an all-natural brand widely used called Rhonda Allison, but even her products use Benzoyl Alcohol which has been banned in Europe and Canada as a known skin irritant.  Also, go for products that haven’t been tested on animals and whenever possible, buy local to reduce the carbon footprint.


     ‘The Green Beauty Guide’ by Julie Gabriel is an excellent resource on green beauty information, tips and at-home recipes.

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    Ok, so Ive noticed the question you asked is WHERE to get them and many people haven’t really fully touched on that, so here are some locations

    LUSH – either a free standing store in your city, or will be found as a section in Macys

    Whole Foods – (actually many grocery Stores have eco-sections now) 

    CVS/Rite Aid will carry Burts Bees 

    The Body Shop has a “green section” 

    If you live in a major city, head to a mall or shopping district, you may find a cool little eco-store you have never noticed before 


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    Greenscape Organic Honey body care makes a nice eco-friendly body lotion. They only use organic ingredients when possible. All of the ingredients are also vegan and cruelty-free and there aren’t any petro-chemicals. The container and packaging are recyclable.

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    CharlestonNaturally.com carries a ton of organic lotion from trusted eco-friendly brands like Suki, Dr. Hauschka, ilike and Pevonia.



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