Where can I get books recycled



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    First of all, if the book is in decent condition still, you can sell it on half.com, amazon, or donate it to your local library or thrift shop. You can have a book-swapping party, or simply give it away to someone. If you want to recycle it instead, then there are companies that can do that for you. In the links below, these companies are listed, along with more ideas on how to recycle your books. 

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    Do you mean, “where can I recycle books”?  If so, you can go to your local library and see if they want them.  Additionally, you can go to earth911.com and type in “book recycling” and your zip code, and you will be provided with a list of places that accept used books.

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    If the books are appropriate, consider donating them to a day care center or retirement home. You could also check with a local school or university to see if they accept donations. Many used bookstores purchase or take donations. You can also drop off books at thrift stores.

    These are all good ways to “reuse” the books, which is even better that recycling when it comes to printed material that another person can enjoy.

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