Where can I get biodegradable cold cups?



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    There are many online retailers that are beginning to develop and sell biodegradable cold cups. A few of the bigger online stores include LetsGoGreen.biz and the Biodegradable Store. Many are made out of corn plastic.

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    I have come across many online retailers that sell biodegradable, compostable cups.  Do not buy biodegradable cups, as they are not ASTM 6400 certified.  If you are really going eco-friendly, buy compostable PLA Cups, Sugarcane Plates and PLA Sugarcane Containers.  Life goes green at eco Greenwares.  eco Greenwares offers a range of compostable products at the unbeatble prices.  Their quality and customer service are excellent.  Please visit their online store at http://ecogreenwares.com to learn more about their eco friendly products.

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