Where can I get aloe vera plants from?



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    You can buy Aloe Vera plants from any garden store. You can also buy them from some major retailers like Target or Walmart in the garden section. If you want to grow your own plant from scratch you can purchase the seeds either online or at a garden store to grow.

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    You can usually buy them at any garden store, but you can also get a cutting from someone’s house plant (if you know anyone who has one). Most succulents, including aloe, can be grown easily from cuttings. A cutting is when you take a good length of leaf (4-6 inches) from a healthy plant and allow it to root and grow into a new plant. I usually root cuttings by starting them out in a glass of water with some good potting soil in it. When I see roots growing, I put it into a pot of soil, but still keep it very wet. Once the roots have grown quite a bit, then I start to water it the same as other plants.

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