Where can I get all natural anti-aging serum?



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    This is generally not my area of expertise, as my experience with keeping  my skin fresh and youthful-looking stems from my daily habits of a vegan diet (dairy is hell on your skin) and cutting back washing my face to 3 times per week. This allows my body to develop its own natural rhythm of oil production, and keeps my skin looking fresh and healthy. However, if you’re dead-set on buying a product, a google search turned up this site. But here’s some instructions on making your own all-natural serum with vitamin C.

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    My girlfriend and her mom went into direct sales because they were convinced that the anti aging company called Nuskin created an organic product that was a superb way to prevent skin from aging. The reason why Nuskin is so successful is because it targets the sources of aging, not just the results of it. This product penetrates your skin and heals your youth genes, causing your skin to make cells that look and feel young again. The product will cause wrinkles to go away and pores to go back to their original size by means of organic materials.

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    You can purchase all natural anti-aging serum from a number of different retailers. Some that I found are:



    I was also able to find a YouTube video on how to make your own serum from ingredients that can be found at GloryBee: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2D5Q6BDoms

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    It is not necessarily a serum, but if you are looking for all natural, there is a form of dried catepillar sold in Chinese medical shops as cure-alls for symptoms of old age. More information at the story below.

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    You can find great all-natural anti-aging serums at Charleston Naturally online. They carry brands like Pevonia, Dr. Hauschka, Suki and ilike, which are all highly reputable environmentally-conscious companies.

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