where can i find organic seeds?Type your question here…



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    Seedsofchange.com sells the seeds of organically-grown vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Their website states that they are “100 percent organic,” as certified by the USDA. You should take claims like this with a grain of salt, however, as the USDA’s requirements for organically-grown foods have been widely criticized. The website’s mission states that the company works to preserve biodiversity and promote sustainable agriculture. The Natural Gardening Company also offers a wide variety of organically-grown seeds, and they claim to be the first organically-certified nursery in the U.S.

    If you want to avoid the unnecessary pollution and fees caused by shipping, you can always check out your local nursery and take a look at their stock of organic seeds.

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    I would highly suggest checking a local organic grocery store or nursery. I have gotten seeds from whole foods and they have quite the selection. Explore your neighborhoods. There are many gems hiding. Organic and green are not as popular as they should be, which is why many places are so unknown. Pleae support local businesses.

    Aside from the two websites mentioned from catch22, I also found these:






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