Where can I find a more energy efficient guitar amp?



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    The Randall RX30D has become more energy efficient. The new amp keeps everything as far away from the AC fields as they can, especially the single coil PUP’s. The amp contains new energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs that make a lot of line noise and produce and what is described as an “ugly” light. If you do not have the funds to go about and by a more energy effect guitar amp you can make yours more energy efficient by unplugging it when it is not in use, taking a simple step to help save the environment.

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    To find how energy efficient a guitar amp is, look at online product manuals and compare the power consumption to the power output. For most amps that I have researched, the power consumption is about three times that of the output power. That is to say a 100w amp would use about 300 watts. Solid states are generaly more efficent than tubes. The new Roland Cube amps are by far the most energy efficient ones i have seen, with power consumption and output being very close to the same. Also, buying an amp used uses no new matierials or fossil fuels for shipping. Unplugging it when you’re not using is saves energy too. Even better- acoustic.

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