Where can i find a map of solar energy zones?

I attempted to look it up on the net but only found citations for the debate over the zones and critics saying the partitioning of the zones if flawed.



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    The following image is from Solenco, a solar energy company in Australia. it shows the average solar radiation (insolation) across the world.

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    If you’re looking for a more specific breakdown of the United States, here is a map linked below:

    This map is broken down in terms of daily average hours of exposed sunlight.  You are correct though, there is still heavy debate on the accuracy of solar energy maps and criticisms of private interest bias for more favorably reflecting on certain zones over others.

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    Solar energy zones do not technically exist yet, so finding a map of them would be difficult.  SEZ’s are a PROPOSED idea that would smooth the permitting necessary to create new solar energy production sites, mainly in the western U.S.  Right now, the Department of the Interior has simply recommended in their report that the Bureau of Land Management be ALLOWED to establish zones, so a) no one has established SEZs yet, and b) no one has actually been allowed to do so.  Still waiting.


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