Where can I find a koala bear?



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    If you want to find koalas in their natural habitat, you would have to travel to Australia.  Koalas will only live around their favorite food, eucalyptus leaves.  They only eat about 40-50 of the species of eucalypts found in Australia, so they aren’t very hard to locate.  Plus, koalas live in social groups so where there is one, there are usually many.  Hope this helps!

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    Koala Bears can be find in Eucalyptus Woodlands on the Eastern side of Australia.  They only live in the type of tree described above.  Because they live in the eucalyptus trees, they also eat the leaves, which are their main food source.  Koalas eat, sleep, breed and use the eucalyptus trees as protection from predators.  The trees are their homes and that’s where they preside for the whole of their lives.  If necessary, they can also live in gum trees, but the eucalyptus would be their first choice for a home.

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         If you can’t make it to Australia, you can see koalas in many North American zoos including the San Diego Zoo and the Toronto Zoo.

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    Koala’s are native to Australia.  Also, they are not actually bears, even though people use this to identify them.  They are marsupials, while bears are mammals.

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