Where can I find information about medicinal plants?



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    If you want to start online, Altnature.com is a good resource for learning about herbs, herbal remedies, and uses. They have a lot of good photos and descriptions. You could also check at your local library or book store for books with information on plants. As Santaa said above, a local natural store would be another good resource—check to see if they offer any classes on the topics you’re hoping to learn about. You could also check the local community college or university to see if there are any course offerings on medicinal plants—you might be surprised at what you’ll find!

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    Plants for a future.org is my go to source for easy to read information on herbal and edible plants. It also has great information on how to cultivate these plants. The Mayo Clinic has a great online database for medicinal knowledge and applications. If you want a great book resource I would try the Physician’s Desk Reference for Herbal Medicine.

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