Where can I find eco art?



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    Well that depends on how you look at eco art. There are eco friendly art materials such as nontoxic paint and recycled canvas’. You can find these materials as well as eco-friendly craft ideas and projects.

    If you are looking cool online eco-friendly wall art, sculpures, clothes and accessories, houshold items, and custom work. You should check out http://www.recycledart.com/. They have alot of interesting green art displays used from recycled materials.

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    How about eco street art? You can find a lot of it in Brooklyn and in the UK. There is “reverse” graffiti, in which people clean designs into dirty walls. One such artist is Moose, who hails from Leeds:

    Using moss for street art is another big eco art trend. Here’s an example from artist “Mosstika”:

    These street art options are much less harmful to the environment than traditional graffitii and require no chemicals! They also often have an environmentally-friendly message.


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    The Daily Green website has an online Recycled Art Gallery.  Some of the pieces include a mosaic by Carl Van Brunt, a portrait by Lynn Stein, and “art sheds” of Habitat for Artists.  Also on the website is “11 Powerful Environmental Messages.”  One of my favorite pieces is the first slide that is a photograph taken in an alleyway.  There is a sign that reads “Global Warming is Leaving Many Homeless,” and then there is a huge polar bear falling out of a box.  They are very influential artistic messages, and I think that the Daily Green does a good job sorting through them.

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    Eco-LogicalART is a non-profit organization that has created a series of hand painted renewable imagery billboards on recycled vinyl. Eco-LA has evolved into a public art exhibitor of unprecedented scale.

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    You can also find tons of cool vintage, eco, or recycled items on etsy.com! 

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