Where can I find conferences on sustainability?



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    It looks like the Opportunity Green Business Conference (to be held in Los Angeles November 10-11, 2011) is one of the country’s largest sustainability conferences. The conference is aimed at teaching sustainability practices to business owners, and in the past has been attended by representatives from some of the country’s biggest companies, such as Toyota, Nike, and Bank of America. The conference seeks to bring the newest and most creative ideas to business owners in the hope that companies can green their practices and employ more sustainable tactics in all facets of their business.

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    There is one particular web-page called Sustainable Development Conferences Worldwide that has located and categorized all upcoming sustainability conferences starting in August 2011 and going until June 2013. The conferences are all listed by date of occurrence and can be individually clicked on the learn more about each.

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    Meetup.com is a great site where you can find such events and conferences as well as other topics of interest to you in your local area. Just sign up, give a location, interests, and it will e-mail you events going on in your area that other people are planning on attending too.

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