Where can I buy reusable grocery bags?



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    Just about every large grocery chain like Safeway, Jewel-Osco, etc. now carry reusable grocery bags. Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and other specialty stores also sell their own bags. They’re usually located near the checkout counters. You can usually get a nice canvas bag for $2-$3. The prices are good because the stores want people to use reusable bags in order to cut down on the cost of disposable bags.

    If you’d prefer to shop online, here’s a link you can check out:


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    Reusablebags.com has bags of every size and style, though they can be expensive. I have seen reusable bags for $2 at the checkout in Walmart. I personally use my Trader Joe’s reusable bags for groceries and always keep a ChicoBag in my purse because it folds up so small, has a carabiner attachment and expands pretty big.

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    I have been buying mine for years from a company called Greensak. They are good quality and each one lasts me over a year (I use them a lot). They have a few different types too.

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