Where can I buy raw nut milk?



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    Chances are, you probably will not find raw nut milk for sale at any grocery store because it is not pasteurized, therefore it will only keep for a few days. You can however easily make it at home with a blender and strainer. You’ll want to put one cup of raw almonds, cashews, pecans, or walnuts in a blender (preferably a vitamix like the ninja) along with 5 cups of purified water, a pinch of himalayan or sea salt, and 3 or more tablespoons of a raw sweetener (blue agave nectar, wild honey, or milled cane sugar). Process the blender on high until mixture is well blended and the top is frothy when you hit the stop button. Use a strainer to separate the nut pulp from the milk (this can be used for raw cereal or as a raw pate). Store your milk in a 2qt container and use within 3 days. You can find most of the ingredients at any health food store (Whole Foods, Sprouts, Fresh & Easy, etc.)

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    I think making it like nellieliz4 suggested would probably be your best option, but you might check out small, privately owned health food stores too. The ones in my area sometimes get local food and fresh juices in that only stay good for about a week. I have never seen raw nut milk, but you never know. I also used to work in a cafe in a local store and we made things with similar processes and expiration dates as nut milk, so it might be worth a shot to check out stores with cafes as well.

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