Where can I buy kits to grow edible mushrooms at home?



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    I had a mushroom farm once. It was a lot of fun! My mom got it for me at the ferry building in San Francisco. I believe that you can order them online as well. Here is the company where mine came from. Enjoy 🙂

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    For oyster mushrooms (Back to the Roots), try whole foods. I am not sure if every whole foods has them, but they are sold nationwide.

    It comes in a box that is 12 “x6″X6”. You tear off the front and follow directions and oyster mushrooms grow. Check the link for animation and information. Not organic, but natural and trying to get certification.

    *watch the time lapse video on the left side

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    I’ve used the products from farwestfungi a number of times — even in an environment that was pretty far from recommended. The mushrooms were great! Even when grown beyond the optimum size for taste.

    Eventually mold catches up with them. For me the key was not to grow according to instructions, but barely touching the sides of a container slightly vented on all sides, and open on the top. (For easy misting.)

    The other product is one of those dumb “wouldn’t it be cool if we could recycle something that basically doesn’t need recycling if you’ve got a garden” ideas. It’s expensive

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