Where can I buy a cargo bike?



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    There are a wide variety of cargo bikes. Some manufacturers are listed on the ibike.org website.  When you decide what model you want you can ask the manufacturer who retails their products.

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    That depends on how much you want to carry. I do all of my grocery shopping by bicycle, and I find that putting pannier bags on my vintage 1965 Raleigh ladies’ 3-speed does the trick. I come from a cycling family, and we put pannier racks on most of our bicycles. I also have a road bike and a mountain bike with pannier racks, but I just love my 3-speed so much that it’s the one I ride most. My dad used to work at Recreational Equipment Incorporated (REI) and that is how we got all of our pannier bags. They are very durable and we are still using them. I used them instead of a backpack all the way through college, and they are just amazing! You can find pannier bags online and in most bicycle shops. I recommend going to your local bicycle shop and asking them about the best brands. If they don’t have anything on the shelves, they can custom-order something for you.

    If you want more cargo room than just a couple of pannier bags, you can go for a bicycle trailer that will attach to any bicycle. My family also has a trailer, but I can’t remember the last time we used it because the pannier bags suit all our needs. Pannier bags don’t interfere much with a bicycle’s maneuverability like trailers do, so they are great for city riding.

    Good luck in your quest, and I hope you get something awesome!

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