Where is the burrowing owl found?



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    Burrowing!  Just kidding, they don’t even burrow themselves but use other’s burrows to make their nests in. 

    Anyway, Burrowing owls are found in south-western Canada, the Western United States, and throughout Central and South America.  They tend to prefer dry areas, prairies, desert, savannas, and even golf courses!

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    In addition to what chelseaschuyler has already said, another significant fact about the burrowing owl is that they are endangered! 

    According to the 2008 Bird Species At Risk report at Naturesask.ca, there are only 500-800 pairs of burrowing owls nesting in Canada. Half of them are in Saskatchewan. They use to have burrowing owls in Manitoba and the British Columbia, but they are all gone from the area today.

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