Where is borax mined?



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    Most of it is mined in Turkey and Boron, California, which are the locations of the “most commercially important deposits.” Other locations include Tibet, Romania, Chile’s Atacama Desert, and the Southwestern region of the US.

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    The largest Borate mine in the world is the U.S. BORAX BORON MINE in California. It supplies more than half of the world’s borates, and this mine is the largest open pit mine in California.

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    Borax mines exist in many different parts of the world. Some of the first borax mines of the industrial age were established in Italy and Chile, but borax has since been mined in other parts of Europe and South America, as well as part of the western United States like California and Nevada. Today, borax is still mined in the western US. Another major center of borax mining today is Turkey.

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