Where in the body are tumors most likely to develop?



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    Interesting question.  This is a hard one to answer since tumors can be either malignant or non-malignant (cancerous or not).  It was difficult to find data on the frequency of non-malignant tumors, so I will approach this looking at cancerous tumors.  Accordign to an article published last year on CNNhealth.com lung cancer is the most common cancer worldwide.  Therefore, it stands to reason that most primary cancerous tumors must originate in the lung tissue.  Once cancer metastisizes however, there could be a higher probability that tumors develop in the lymph nodes or stomach for example than in the kidney or colon. 

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    This is difficult to answer, agreed, but I would say that they are probably most likely to develop on the skin, considering that is the largest organ on our bodies and one that often takes a lot of damage. Keratinocyte cancers are the largest group of non-melanoma skin cancers, and basal cell carcinomas are increasing in instances because of our increased exposure to the sun. In addition to the numerous types of skin cancers that exist, there are also many different benign skin tumors. These include different types of moles, seborrheic keratoses, hemangiomas, lipomas, and warts.


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