Where is the black footed ferret found?



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    The black footed ferret is endemic to North America, and is found mainly in grasslands such as the Great Plains. However, the black footed ferret is an endangered species, and today, their distribution in areas they previously occupied has declined significantly. Through reintroduction programs, ferrets can now be found in sites in Montana, South Dakota, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Kansas, and areas of Northern Mexico.

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    The Blackfooted Ferret is native to the North American praries in the Midwestern US. They used prarie dog holes for shelter, and prarie dogs for food. In an effort to wipe out prarie dogs in the later half of the 20th century (they were seen as pests), caused a drastic decline in the number of Black footed Ferrets. They were nearly declared extinct in the 1970s, but in 1981, a colony of 100 Black Footed Ferrets was found. Aftert his number dropped to 18 in captivity due to disease, it has been steadily climbing due to the efforts of reintergration organizations at seventeen sites spanning multiple states.

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