Where is the biggest volcano?



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    The world’s biggest volcano is Mount Mazama/Crater Lake, Oregon which was 12,000 feet high before it erupted.

    Check out the 10 largest volcanoes here: http://www.scarborough.k12.me.us/wis/teachers/dtewhey/webquest/nature/10_largest_volcanoes.htm

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    “Biggest” can be taken in many ways. Mauna Loa’s summit is about 50,000 feet above its base; it is probably the highest. The caldera of the Yellowstone supervolcano is about 35 by 45 miles in size, and it is probably not the largest.

    In terms of volume of material ejected it would probably be Laki, Iceland, in 1783.

    Do you mean just historical eruptions? If you mean over earth history, then there were vastly larger eruptions in the geologic past than have ever been seen historically. Do you mean on earth? If not, then there are larger (by almost any measure) volcanoes on Mars and probably on Io as well.

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