Where is the best place to get a dog?



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    The best place to get a dog is at your local animal shelter. Millions of dogs are killed each year due to overpopulation saving animals from possible death and a lonely life at the shelter is very rewarding. If you can’t find a pet at the shelter look for an animal rescue group. I adopted my greyhound Tiko from socalgal.org a local greyhound rescue group. There are thousands of breed specific rescues, either way please don’t adopt from a breeder or pet store, save a life at a shelter or rescue.

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    The best place to get a dog is from the shelter or pound. There are now online data bases that allow you to search for your next pet based on animal type, breed, size, gender and location. Everyday thousands of healthy animals are euthanized due to lack or resources and space; you will be doing a service to society and to the dog by adopting. And as a side note, rescued pets often develop into the most loyal and loving pets, as if they know you helped them out

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