Where is the best place to dispose of old computers and printers?



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    A non-profit organization! Many of them accept donations of working and non-working computers and other IT equipment. This process is both environmentally friendly and beneficial to the community. Donated computers go to groups that can use them to make the U.S. and the world a better place. I have heard of organizations that give them to schools in the U.S., needy college students, and students in Africa. This web site is just one of the few that allows you to donate computer equipment. With multiple drop-off locations in the U.S. and tax deductions, this is a computer recycling method that beneficial to both the organization and the person who donates: http://www.computerswithcauses.org/computer-donation-benefits.htm

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    Usually city waste facilities will have special locations where you can drop of e-waste, like computers and TVs. For example, the City of Santa Monica allows residents to drop off e-waste at certain times during the day. Just make sure you bring proof that you are a resident because for some strange reason they won’t accept your waste without proof of residency.

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