Where are there some eco villages in America?



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    There are over 20 eco villages in the US and more than 100 in the world. The eco villages of the US are all over and in 18 different states, including states that one would not suspect. Here is the list of eoc villages provided on wikipedia:

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    Probably one of the best known ecovillages is Twin Oaks, located in Virginia. The south and the Midwest bear quite a few ecovillages, but there are some located on the coasts as well. This site has a list of ecovillages in the United States.

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    Ithaca, New York – the small town in the Finger Lakes region where Cornell University is located – is home to a community called “EcoVillage” that contains organic farms, gardens and co-housing, spanning 175 acres.  There is also an Eco Village in Los Angeles, as part of an educational institution called CRSP.  For more information about Eco Villages in other geographical regions, refer to: http://www.ecovillage.org/

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