Where are there jaguars in the world?



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    Jaguars live in Mexico and some parts of the southwestern United States.  They are also found in Brazil, Honduras, Argentina and several other countries.  Their habitat consists mainly of rainforests, swamps and dry deciduous forests.

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    Jaguars are found from the southwestern United States (Arizona) to countries throughout Latin and South America. They like areas of forest so their habitat is being cut in many areas. They are endangered or their status is unknown throughout much of their range.

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    1. Arizona
    2. New Mexico
    3. Texas
    4. Mexico
    5. Central America
    6. South America
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    Hunting has significantly decreased the jaguar population, reducing the range to only a small fraction of what it was was. Originally occupying land from the United States-Mexico border down the southern point of South America, they now only reside in remote portions of Central and South America, mostly in the Amazon basin. Here is a map, with the lighter portions depicting the range of jaguars:

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