Where are there cheap green items?



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    It depends on the item…

    If you are talking organic fruits and veggies: Talk with your local farmers market and see if any of the farms offer a weekly bin with seasonal items for a discounted rate.  Allow the farmer to choose the items and offer to pay a flat rate.  It helps both you AND the farmer.

    If you are talking green cleaning supplies: Target carries Method products for cheaper than competitors.  

    If you are talking cheap green lotions/shampoos/personal care: Grocery Outlet Bargain Market often has surplus organic or eco-friendly items that didn’t sell as well in other stores.

    If you are talking cheap, green clothes: The Goodwill has great finds and there are no production costs.  Proceeds also go to a good cause since it’s a not-for-profit.  Other second hand stores are for profit. 

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    Great answer! It really does depend what you’re looking for. I do most of my shopping online, and you can find some great deals online. For unique products, try looking on Etsy – however, some items can get pricey but that’s not new I guess. Green cleaning products can be found local drugstores. Method is great, but so is Sun & Earth as well Seventh Generation. For shampoos, I’ve recently used one by the Redmond Family….I can’t remember the name of it though.

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