Where are some of the most polluting power plants in the US?



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    According to a study done by the Environmental Integrity Project (EIP), the dirtiest power plant in the United States is Basn Electric Power Coop’s Leland Olds Plant in North Dakota. For more on the most polluting power plants in the US according to this study, you can check out the following link: http://www.dirtykilowatts.org/Dirty_Kilowatts.pdf

    A report done by Environment Texas also found the Luminant’s Martin Lake Steam Electric Station and Lignite Mine emit more mercury than any other plant in the nation — 2600 pounds annually.

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    There are many, some emitting more of one pollutant than the other.  Power plants account for an estimated two thirds of all SO2, 22 percent of NOx, 40 percent of CO2 and a third of all mercury emissions nationwide.  I will focus on power plants with high CO2 pollutants. 

    A New Jersey power plant, called PSEG’s Hudson topped the list, with an emission rate of more than 3,500 lbs per megawatt-hour.  Additionally, Texas has more plants, six to be exact,  represented in the top 50 than any other state for CO2 emission rates. Other plants that rank among the top 5 for high emission rates for CO2 can be found in plants in Warrick, ID Dallman, IL  Bridgeport, CT and Lawrence, KS.

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